I have played pool for many years, but my game has hit another level after lessons with Mark Powell. He has more knowledge of the game than any other player or instructor I have ever met. From fundamentals to cue ball control and game strategy, Mark can change any student’s pool game beyond expectations. My APA amateur skill level went up two tiers in six months after meeting with Mark for the first time.
— Matt L., Newark DE
I first met Mark Finkelstein and Mark Powell in January 2014. I was playing as an APA 3-4 skill level and wanted to get better. I was immediately struck by how little I knew about the pool, and I didn’t know it until I went to “pool school”. To make a long story short, they taught me about the pool. The stroke, how the balls behave, aiming systems, strategy and so much more. I learned how to drill, how to practice properly and how to self-evaluate.

Two years later I won the 3rd place in APA’s national singles tournament in Las Vegas in the 6-9 skill level. But as much as they were teachers they became friends. They encouraged me to keep moving on, getting better, play higher levels.

Today, partly because of them, I have become a certified PBIA Instructor soon to be at the advanced level. I have played in and won a number of amateur tournaments and played in numerous professional tournaments.

There is no way I can express my gratitude to them for their teaching, their knowledge, their encouragement and their friendship.
— Keith H., Atlanta, GA
I have been a student of Mark Powell’s for over a year. I was probably a strong 3.0 player when I had my first lesson. Now Mark considers me a 5+ player (not an official APA rating).

I would like to write a few words about why I think Mark is such a good instructor. At our first lesson, Mark videotaped my stroke from different vantage points. Mark pointed out the flaws in my stance and stroke and showed me how to correct them. I now come into my shot correctly and my stroke is much better and much more consistent.

As my fundamentals were improving, we worked on aiming, strategy and most other aspects of the game. Needless to say, as I became a better player, playing pool become much more fun.

The last thing I would point out is that Mark demonstrated to me that he could make explanations in more than one way. If I had trouble grasping a concept, Mark could explain it in a different way. Mark is acutely aware that his students often have different learning styles.

Mark can help students of all levels, from beginners to tournament players. I would highly encourage anyone that would like to improve their skills to take lessons from Mark.
— Alan E., Baltimore, MD
I have been working with Mark for several years and it has been huge for my pool game. Mark has helped me both in the physical “swing” part of my game as well as the “head” part. He has vastly improved my understanding of patterns and situations , as well as my ability to execute and take advantage of things that come up at the table.

We have also had Mark come and do small group sessions with our team. Several members commented on how that one afternoon lesson helped their game as we prepared for the big Vegas tournament we just attended.
— David R., Harrisburg, PA
“Mark Powell will get you to a place where you can enjoy long-term improvement by getting your stroke to repeat and understanding how to correct your mistakes. I’m enjoying a ten-fold improvement in my league since taking lessons with Mark.
— Jeff L., Fairfax, VA