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There are several methods people use to help them deliver the cue ball to the right spot. We can teach you various techniques to improve your pool game and skills. Our Pool School offers billiard lessons with professional billiard instructors.

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Mark Powell


Mark P. has been teaching the game of pool since 1985. He has worked with +1,000 students over the past thirty years and is a Certified Master Instructor with the Professional Billiard Instructors Association.



  • Fundamentals of Form, Stance and Alignment

  • Basic and Advanced Shot-Making

  • Physics of Ball Interactions

  • Speed Control, Position and Safety Play

  • Aiming, Banking and Kicking Systems

  • Progressive Practice Routines and Goal-Setting

Playing Experience

Mark P. has played the game of pool for nearly sixty years in public and private venues as well as tournaments. His father introduced him to the game at age 12 and he was immediately transfixed by the endless variations and the intoxicating mixture of physics and finesse. 

Competition Experience

Local tournaments, league play, pro-level qualifiers, 14.1 Champion in 1970 and 1971, local room in San Bernardino high-run of 126.

Mark Powell will get you to a place where you can enjoy long-term improvement by getting your stroke to repeat and you will gain an understanding of how to correct your mistakes. I’m enjoying a ten-fold improvement in my league since taking lessons with Mark.
— Jeff Lubin, Fairfax, VA

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Mark Finkelstein


Mark F. is an American Cue Sports Level 4 Instructor and Board Member, a Billiard Congress of America Master Instructor and Member of the Seal of Approval sub committee, and the Instructional Columnist for NYC Grind.  Mark also writes for and his columns also appear in Easy Pool Tutor.



  • Conducts pool seminars on military bases, boys clubs and private men's clubs

  • Conducts pool seminars with Tom Simpson nationally

  • Most notable students: Jennifer Barretta, Peter Falk, Paul Reiser

  • Favorite billiard discipline: straight pool

Playing Experience

Mark F. started playing pool at the early age of six. His father brought him to a pool room owned by a friend, and he was hooked with the game.  Pool followed him through his life, through high school and college, and even further on during his career in the Navy. After graduating from New York University with mixed degrees in electrical engineering and liberal arts, Mark was drafted. That began his 21 year career in the Navy, during which he was stationed in Japan, the Philippines and Thailand among other places. Despite his unconventional lifestyle, he found time frequently to play and practice. Finally, when he permanently returned to the United States, pool became a full time occupation.

Since 1992, he has taught at Slate’s (formerly known as Chelsea Billiards), as well as Eastside Billiards and does private lessons as well as conferences, parties, pool seminars and corporate events. Mark was also an instructor at Tom Simpson's National Billiards Academy. One of the highlights of his pool career is being selected as the Instructional Columnist for NYC Grind. He is also the House Pro at Slate Billiards and Eastside Billiards in New York City

Noteable Experience

TV & Film

  • “The Thing About My Folks” (2005), Bar Scene/pool shots/technical consultant, PictureHouse

  • CW 11Pool Segments w/Julie Chang (2005), Lessons and tournament coverage, Channel 11/NY"

  • “Boardwalk Empire” (2010), Lessons and technical consultant, HBO with Martin Scorsese.

  • “What Not to Wear” (2010), Technical consultant, trick shots and extra, TLC with Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.

  • “I Just Want My Pants Back” (2011), Lesson and Technical Consultant, MTV.

  • Van Heusen Shirts, 2007 Super Bowl, trick shot, 3rdEye Productions.


  • Featured in “Sweet, an 8 ball Odyssey”, (2007), Heather Byer, Riverhead Press.

  • Featured in April 2006 Article of “More Magazine”.


  • Numerous charity events including an appearance at the Jason Tuck Charity Event in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013

  • Billiard Coach for the Cathedral High School Billiards Club 2010 to present

  • Performed at the Collective Fashion Show, Javits Center, on an Ice Pool Table (2006)

  • Pool Instructor for Stiletto Spy School, NYC, 2010 and 2011

  • Developed Pool Program at the Gateway Counseling Center for mentally challenged consumers (2010)